Sound & preset design

This is our main service.
We provide high quality sounds and presets that are specially created just for your product.
As well as presets for instruments and effects, we also construct sound libraries for exclusive use in your sample-based products.
Of course, it goes without saying that all sounds are royalty-free.

Examples of Mehlberg's synthline "combo -presets" for Cableguys' Curve 2 and ShaperBox

Demo song production

If you want an outstanding demo song showcasing your products' greatest sounds and presets, then we are your first choice.
We promise that we will get the best out of your products!

Mehlberg's latest demo songs to present Cableguys' HalfTime

Product development

If you need help during the development of new products, we are the right contact for you.
We test your products in our studio and you will get professional and detailed feedback regarding workflow improvement, usability, sound quality and more.
We guarantee continuous cooperation until the product is released!

Examples of our work

If you have any questions, please contact us.